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With a motive to give kids a great learning experience, our kid friendly application opens the door for young learners to practice writing english alphabets and numbers with appropriate animations and back ground music. It doesn't stop there, it will teach them to learn and pronounce the words relevant to each alphabet. Along with these features, kids can learn and enjoy while coloring http://epicminecraftseeds.com/promokod-melbet-2020-2/. Tracing Teaches kids to master writing alphabets in both upper case and lower case. Also, allows kids to write numbers from 0 - 10. Words Recitation lets preschoolers easily grasp and pronounce the words that were recapitulated by a professional who took utmost care to approach the kids in a way to amuse and engage them throughout the learning process. Coloring Allows kids to color their favourite Animals, Birds, Fruits, Objects, Vegetables and Vehicles.


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